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Born: 02/01/1984

Hometown: Deerfield Beach, Florida

Bike Set-up: Full fairing custom built
03-04 Kawasaki Ninja zx6R 636

Accomplishments: I am a veteran rider with over 14 years of experience performing in music videos, stunt shows, featured rider events, competitions and charity events. As the founder of Stunt Shine State established in 2017, I manage an active community of over 30k Stuntride followers and enthusiasts containing hundreds of thousands organic social media views daily

Favorite tricks: My favorite tricks include: Wide Drifting, Wide Circles, Long Stoppies, Rev Limiter Coasters, Figure 8‘s, No-Hander Circles, jumping to Tank Wheelies and Death Spins.. though it’s difficult to choose a favorite, when mixing them up into a combo is where I really get my kicks.

How did you first get introduced to the world of stunt riding?

I was 19 years
old when I suddenly needed new wheels. Financially, my best option was to purchase a motorcycle. After riding for only a couple of weeks, I met up with a group of riders at a gas station for a street ride. At this ride, there were a group of stunt riders in the front of the pack, parking wheelies at red lights and riding off on one wheel at green. The ride ended at a warehouse parking lot where I was introduced to “Freestyle Stunt Riding”. There, I was instantly hooked and just had to become apart of it! I then continued to train, learning the basics with extreme determination. I soaked up information like a sponge, applied what I had learned to my bike set-up and developed my own style.

How did you acquire the name ChainBreakinClayton?

In my earlier days, it wasn’t long before some of my riding buddies noticed I was different. Some repeatedly mentioned that I have “No Chill” as I’d relentlessly pop wheelies everywhere. With everyone saying I was a little “off the chain”, my wingman then started calling me ChainBreakinClayton.

What are your greatest stunt riding accomplishments?

In 2011, I was selected by top riders to join them at Stunt Wars where I competed against the finalist as a NEWBIE. This comrade respect emboldened me to compete at the highest levels. I challenged myself daily, building strength in mind and body. I am proud to have so many years of riding experience with minimal injuries. The riding community recognizes me for my controlled riding style while testing the limits.

Who has inspired you the most in the stunt riding community?

I’d have to shout out Tony Prez who has not slept since the day I met him. He has continued to train hard, steadily progressing from his already impressive skillset.

Explain what your focus is for the coming season?

My focus this year is to perfect my craft, obtain sponsors, featured rider appearances, compete and document my journeys through motovloging on social media streams; while building a strong team and relationships with like-minded industry professionals who are just as passionate about the sport and community.